Review: Alanna mini haul

Hieee Owlliieess,

If you remember I did a Smytten app review in which I loved the Alanna Activated charcoal and green tea soap. When I was about to finish with the sample, I wanted to try some other stuff they made. I had a chat with them via Instagram and since I have a combination skin, she recommended Saffron and Sandalwood soap to me. I ordered that, plus 2 others and their dewy face cream. BTW I ordered from Smytten. If you remember, I wrote in that review, that they had a soap combo, which I didn;t like, but I called them and I aksed if they can change that and they did. Yayyyy for smytten. So, by ordering from them I saved some shipping cost (Alanna was charging more) and I got 3 more free trials which I will be using soon. Again Yaaayyy for Smytten.

Anyways I was so impressed with their soap that I was super excited for my order to arrive. But when it came, it gave me mixed feelings. First of all, one of my soap was not in the package. Smytten called me few days back and asked that since the soap packaging was not ready, can they send it later in a different package. But since I wanted them to come soon, I said that I don’t mind if it comes in a plastic wrap, I just want them all together. But inspite of that they sent one soap separately, because they have already dispatched the order before calling me and they didn’t put in any mail or anything regarding the soap. So, when I opened it I had a mini freak out and then I called them and sorted it out. Secondly, and most importantly, I didn’t like 1 product at all, keep reading to know which one. So, lets review them one by one, and before that, see the picture below. 

Alanna is a home grown brand started just 2 years back. I love trying new brands specially such organic ones with good promising stuff. In fact in one of my blogs I said that Alanna and Ruby’s organics are 2 Indian brands to watch out for. Their products are handmade, cruelty free, sulphate free, paraben free and 100% natural.

As per their website “Our story starts with a love for experimenting and creating beautiful recipes with exquisite ingredients from Mother Nature that are designed to give your skin a lot of love and nourishment. The hidden chest of Nature is full of varied treasures that have answers to all the skin problems that we face today. We wanted to share our little findings with you with a hope to spread some joy….While we have many brands today who give us a promise of purity they seldom hold to their promise and if they do, most of the times they are valued too high.In 2015, we began our journey of creating and sharing the Organic, perfectly balanced and carefully designed formulations with you that rejuvenate your skin, restore your youth and delight your senses. Our aim was not just to provide you the best quality of products that bring you tangible results that you can see but also something that’s worth a lot more than what it’s priced. Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific therapeutic reason.”


PS: The soaps come in one piece. I broke them in half as I think that natural soaps melt quite easily and because I wanted my partner to try them and share his review with me.

PPS: These rose petals came in the packaging. I loved this awesome touch that Alanna gave to its packaging.

          1. Alanna Oatmeal and Honey Soap: 

So, basically this soap is for normal and dry skin types. I have combination skin, but there are times when my skin feels quite stretchy and dry and I thought this soap will be awesome for that. Plus, since it has oats, I thought that this can help in mild scrubbing as well. I was amazingly surprised with this soap, especially when I read the package.

  • Oatmeal in this soap will help reduce inflammation and yield spotless skin.
  • Honey has known anti bacterial properties and it will add in unclogging pores and boosting complexion while nourishing the skin.
  • This soap has amazing fragrance as well. At first I thought that it smelled a bit artificial, but my mum approves this soap whole heartedly. In fact in one whiff, she assured me that this soap and others from Alanna as well are real deal.
  • They are using amazing and pure ingredients.
  • She too used this soap, as she has dry skin, and she loves it.
  • This soap contains coconut oil, milk cream, honey, castor oil, rice bran oil, soponified oils of palm and kernal, purified water, glycerin, perfume, flat rolled oats, oats powder and kaolin clay.
  • This 100gm bar costs Rs.175.
  • It has a shelf life of 1 year (6months after opening).
  • I give this soap 8/10 hoots. I recommend you to try it if you have combination to dry skin. And i will but it again too.




2. Alanna Saffron and Sandalwood Soap

I am always looking for pure sandalwood powder. But I haven’t found anyone I can trust completely. So, having sandalwood in a soap from a trusted brand is something I was willing to try.

  • Since, I have never used pure sandalwood I was wary of the fragrance of this soap, but my mother assured me that in her opinion, this soap smells absolutely natural.
  • Then I started using and in 1 week of use, I can say that it is a good soap.
  • Will it help in removing tan or improving complexion can be said only after long usage, but it does give a good feel to me.
  • My face feels fresh and clean and teensy bit glowy as well (but there is another soap I would use over this one, read on to know which).
  • As the package says, it gives me queen like feel and a happy face.
  • It contains coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, saffron. sandalwood oil, castor oil, rice bran oil, corn oil, purified water, glycerin and perfume.
  • This 75gm bar costs Rs..175.
  • It has a shelf life of 1 year (6months after opening).
  • I give it 6/10 hoots. It is a good soap and has fabulous ingredients and I will continue using it.
  • Till now I can’t see much difference. I will update after using it over a long time.




3. Alanna Activated Charcoal and Green Tea Soap:

I have already reviewed this beauty in Smtten review.

  • I love this soap so much. In my opinion this is the best soap of these three.
  • It has amazing minty fragrance, it feels great on the skin.
  • As you can see this is the one that came without package. But I know it costs Rs.175 for 100gm and has a shelf life of 1 year (6 months after opening).
  • If you ask me, this is the one I wanna get again and again, along with the oatmeal one. I mean oatmeal one is perfect for giving the nourished feel, but this one makes my skin squeaky clean and oh so fresh.
  • When I was trying the saffron one, there was still some acne trying to sprout on my chin, the soap didn’t cause it (But it was not able to stop it, for which I don’t blame it as it is not an anti-acne soap), my chin is my biggest acne prone area. But, then I started using this soap, and it has stopped the sprouting atleast 80% in just 3 days.
  • Click here for the whole review and scroll to the bottom.
  • I want to buy this soap again and again and i recommend it to everyone who has acne or combination to oily skin. Just try it once and thank me afterwards. I give it 10/10 hoots.




4. Alanna Dew Fresh Day Cream

I was really excited about this cream when i was placing the order. I am on lookout for a good day cream for a while now. I love the Lakme Colour Transform CC cream, but their are times when I just want a cream that will give me a little nourishment. Lakme cc cream is best when I want to step out or when I have time to work on my face, but I wanted something else for when I am not going anywhere or I just want to apply a cream that will absorb quickly and be done with it. Plus since cc cream is a makeup product and not a skin care product, it does nothing to improve my skin in long term, and so I wanted something that will do something for my face. The first cream I bought for this was Loreal 20+ which I will be reviewing shortly. And since it did not satisfy me I got this one. But this cream didn’t end my search here (I think now I have found something, its review is coming up shortly and its TBS). My experience with it is as follows:

  • It has very strong, overpowering smell. Without even opening the lid, I could smell a really strong scent. I have a really sensitive nose and I like light floral or fruity scents in such products. At first I thought that it was Lemongrass, so, I asked my mother if she could use it as she likes lemongrass. But it has some other scent as well, which is even more stronger than lemongrass, which as per my mother is the scent making a good cream a great ordeal. Now my mother is trying to use it and I have added little peppermint essential oil to make the scent bearable. But she hardly ever prefers to use this cream because of the smell. But you could like this scent, as I read reviews before buying it and people did like it.
  • It is really thick and nourishing, which will be great for dry to normal skin. In my opinion it will be better to use this cream in winters. And oily skins should stay away from this.
  • It has natural SPF 30, which is great as it will fulfil your sunscreen requirement as well. But they have not mentioned anything about UVA/UVB rays or its pa++ rating.
  • It costs Rs.450 for 50gm tub, which is a bit expensive but I am willing to shell this much for good quality organic product.
  • It comes in a tub packaging, which is a con for many, but a pro for me. I love tub packaging as I can us the tub for my DIY face packs or other stuff later on.
  • It contains raspberry seed oil, lemongrass, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter.
  • It has a shelf life of 1 year from manufacturing (6 months after opening).
  • I have one other reservation about this product, the box says coconut oils and aloe vera nourish the screen. But the ingredients list doesn’t have any of these listed. It makes me wonder what other ingredients they may be hiding.
  • Overall I will never buy this again. And I don’t recommend buying it, unless you like lemongrass or you can bear such strong fragrances. I am giving it 4/10 hoots. 4 points are for organic ingredients, packaging, for being paraben and cruelty free and for the nourishment.
  • 11


Packaging: All their stuff came in bubble wrap packed with dry rose petals. Then their is a white package that holds the product perfectly. Inside too, the soaps were packed in plastic to ensure their safety.

Availability: All the Alanna products are available on its website (click here) and smytten (click here) andnsome other websites as well. You can also go to their facebook page to buy their stuff.

This is it with my mini review on Alanna products I bought. This is an honest opinion and it is not sponsored whatsoever. Even if I liked or didn’t like something, you should try them if your instincts say so, as you may form a different opinion. Do tell me about your experience, if you have used any of these products. I am a big fan of Alanna and I want to try some other products as well, like their Lemon lip balm and their charcoal face mask. I will continue buying 2 of the above soaps, one of which (Activated charcoal one) has become my HG face cleanser. I will see you soon with another review. Till the..

Hoot Hoot..!!






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