Review: The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Gel Cream

Hiee owliieess,

I  am really sorry for not writing for such a long time. If you follow me on insta, you might know that first I was on a vacation to Kerala and then since return I have been suffering from eye problems. Office is really hectic with GST Returns and audits making it further difficult to focus on my writing. But today, I was determined to finish this blog as I have been meaning to do this since a while now. Anyways, I am on the lookout for a good face cream since a long time. I remember loving a strawberry face cream for lakme in my early teenage, but that cream was discontinued, and since then no cream has satisfied me that much. 

I have always loved TBS, but as their products are expensive, I don’t buy them that much. But a few days back I was in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon when I thought of trying some TBS stuff. I had heard good things about their Aqua Sorbet, but when I sniffed it, the Wheatgerm oil in it was all I could smell. Then I tried their Vitamin E cream, but I could smell something similar to lemongrass oil in it (again a smell I dislike). Then the sales person there recommended me this seaweed cream. I knew that it is better suitable for oily to combi types, but on smelling its heavenly smell and feeling is soft texture, I couldn’t say no.

After this brief intro, lets quickly go to the review. Below is the image of the cream.


 Ingredients: You can read all the ingredients in the pictures below.



It comes in this bluish plastic tub which is opaque. It has a screw cap and a lid underneath it, making it completely travel friendly. Usually people like the tube packaging more, but I prefer tubs as I always use creams with clean hands and the tubs can be used later for diys and for storing stuff.

Colour: It is translucent white gel like cream.

Texture: It is very light, refreshing and glides on your skin super easily. 

Scent: As I already told you, it has a very pleasant fragrance. It doesn’t have fruity or flowery scent. It has a very different and fresh scent to it.

Shelf Life: 12 months from opening.

Price: Rs.1295 for 50 ml of product. (there is occasionally discount on their website, I got it at 20% off)

Method of Use:

First wash your face using a good facewash or facial soap. I use Alanna Green tea and Activated Charcoal soap. Then, take pea size amount of this gel cream on your fingers and apply on your face evenly. 

Note: Whenever I feel that my skin is drier than usual, I add a drop of almond oil to pea size quantity of this cream and apply on my face. It gives my skin the apt amount of nourishment and almond oil is non-comedogenic, thus safe to use on face. (It is in fact a big part of my daily skin routine).


My experience using it:

I have been using this cream for almost a month now, and the best thing about this is that it has done wonders for my acne. I have some clingy acne on my chin, which doesn’t want to leave me alone at all. But, this is the only product which has reduced my acne there. The old chin acne has reduced in size and hardly any new ones are coming now. So, I recommend this product to acne prone skins whole heartedly. Secondly, this cream is true to its oil control claim. Within minuted of application, my skin gets a nice matte look and it is able to control my oily t-zones for a good 5-6 hrs. so, again I recommend this product to oily and combination skin beauties. Since, I have a combi skin, with oil restricted to my t-zones, I sometimes add a drop of almond oil in it especially when I apply it on my cheeks. So, i feel is combi to dry skin ones can also benefit from this product. Ours is the hardest skin to please, because we can’t use strong face washes as it tends to over dry our skin; then, we can’t use nourishing creams as it makes our t-zone super oily and acne prone, and we can’t use only gel on our skin as it doesn’t provide nourishment to our non oily areas. So, for me using this gel cream with a drop of almond oil sometimes, is the perfect balance.

I also require my beauty products to smell nice. This is the fourth area where this cream gets a perfect score. It smells really nice. Its scent is not at all over powering and it will not be a problem for sensitive noses too. This cream glides on your face and gets absorbed in a jiffy, leaving you with happy, fresh and beautiful skin, and you need very small quantity everytime making it economical in the long run.

I am practically in love with this cream. This is the closest cream to that strawberry cream from my teenage. I will continue using this until I find a better cream. Actually, I don’t want to stop using this cream, I am really hooked. Though I do want to try their seaweed moisturising lotion with SPF and the Lakme argon oil cream.


You can see how matte my skin looks after applying this cream. Their is a subtle visible glow as well. After application, skin feels smooth and even and hydrated and not at all heavy. 



  • It is very refreshing and light. It doesn’t sit on your skin and gets absorbed quickly.
  • It gives your skin a nice matte finish.
  • It didn’t broke me out at all.
  • It helped to reduce my clingy acne.
  • It is great for controlling oil, especially around T-zones.
  • It will suit almost all skin types, except for extremely dry skinned people. If you combi to normal skin, you can add a drop of your fav oil to it when you feel your skin is little dry or stretchy.
  • It doesn’t contain parabens.
  • It smells heavenly.
  • It leaves your skin hydrated and glowing.
  • It will never make your skin feel heavy or greasy, in fact it eats up all the oiliness and reduces sebum production.
  • It has some good ingredients like Seaweed, Topioca starch, Sesame oil, Wheat Protein etc.
  • Little goes a long way. It haa been almost a month and I have used less than 10% of the tub.
  • The body shop products are totally cruelty free.
  • The packaging is recyclable, thus making it environment friendly.


  • It is expensive (but you require really less quantity at a  time)
  • It doesn’t have SPF, because of which it is not sufficient as a day cream on its own.


It is easily available in The Body Shop stores. It is also available online at and at

Do I recommend this product? Yes, especially for oily to combination skins and for acne prone skins.

Will I buy it again? Yes, though I want to try TBS seaweed moisturising lotion with SPF15 (so that, I don’t require sunscreen anymore)or the Lakme Argan oil cream next.

I give it 9/10 hoots. (-1 only because it doesn’t have SPF and has loads of chemicals too).

This is up with this review. I hope you feel satisfied with my opinion and that you find my review useful. If you like this product or have a different opinion to share, please comment. If you like me too review something particular, just leave a comment and I will try my best to review it for you. One more news that I want to share with you guys is that I have subscribed for My envy box again, and I will soon review the PopXO Beauty Box here. If you like my blogs, please like and follow. I will try to write my Kerala vacation blog asap. Till then,

Hoot Hoot..!! 









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